The Importance of Support

One of the most attractive aspects of franchising is having the opportunity to go to a team of mentors. Often times, franchisees will need advice and support or have general questions about the business. What separates franchising from independent businesses, is the fact that franchisees have the option to reach out to the franchisor anytime they require assistance. With a franchise, you’re not only getting a team of mentors, you’re getting a team that is in the exact field, exact business and have been exposed to the exact challenges that could arise.
Most people purchase a franchise over an independent business based on the fact that they have someone to go to when they need assistance. The most beneficial aspect of support is the fact that the type of support is disclosed before you purchase the franchise. Not only does this contractually guarantee assistance from the franchisor, it also helps in the due diligence process of selecting the right franchise for the franchisee.

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