The Franchizery is a franchise consulting firm whose main activities are advisory services for businesses interested in acquiring and establishing a franchise in a designated territory; entering new international markets with suitable and successful franchise concepts and assists firms in expanding the presence of their brand. The firm was established in response to an underserved market in the region for a high level sophisticated approach to franchise acquisition and establishment based on thorough due diligence and assessment.

The world of franchising has become complex and global that many potential franchise buyers and sellers need specialist assistance to interpret the vast information available and to conduct thorough comparison among available options. The firm has the appropriate know-how, resources and set up to assist franchise buyers and sellers in research, due diligence and decision support. If you are a franchise buyer, we will work with you with the utmost discretion to identify best franchise opportunities that meet your goals with the purpose of identifying the right fit between overseas businesses who want to expand their brand into the Middle East and Africa and investors who have the drive and appetite to establish and manage successful international concepts locally. If you are an entrepreneur business with a successful concept, we will work with you to develop your franchise operation manuals and assist you every step of the way to make your concept become a global franchise.

The Franchizery has partnered with experts in the industry and created a firm to help you achieve your goal of business ownership and management. We make this experience easy for you throughout the research and guide you ultimately to the award process. Thanks to our relationships, we are able to provide you with a full package of consulting services to assist you through every single step of the franchising process.

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